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After a group of courageous and enthusiastic young woman were granted permission from the University of Cincinnati, Edwina Woodyard, Beta Chapter, helped to establish the sixth chapter in Delta’s chain–Zeta Chapter. On October 20th, 1920, seventeen undergraduates and graduates were inducted into charter membership of the first Negro fraternal organization on the campus of the University of Cincinnati. These included:

  • Blanche Dixon Belsinger

  • Ethel LaMay Calimese**

  • Jennie Austin Fletcher**

  • Camille Fraison Hood

  • Edith Howard**

  • Beatrice Morton

  • Cleo Hall Perry**

  • Maude Ragan**

  • Ida Mae Rhodes

  • Neola Woodson Robinson**

  • Martha Hall Ross**

  • Marie Belsinger Ryder**

  • Louise Penn Sandipher

  • Mary Lee Tate

  • LaVerne Friason Watson

  • Mary Holloway Weatherly**

  • Sarah White**

Graduates: **


The first President of Zeta Chapter was Ida Mae Rhodes. Other officers included: LaVerne Friason (Corresponding Secretary), Beatrice Morton (Recording Secretary), and Blanche Dixon (Treasurer). Gamma Sigma Chapter was established as the first graduate chapter in January 1922, and Beta Psi Chapter was organized in June 1945. In 1959, both graduate chapters dropped the Greek nomenclature and united to become the Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter.

Throughout the years, Cincinnati sorors have been involved in the National Organization. The sorors entered activities of the Grand Chapter as they attended the Third National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1921. Ida Mae Rhodes became the first and only national Representative, as the office was abolished when sectional vice presidents were established. Ethel LaMay Calimese was elected treasurer during the same convention, and Martha Hall Ross became the Second Vice President in 1922.

In 1926, Zeta and Gamma Sigma Chapters hosted the Sixth National Convention in Cincinnati. Ethel LaMay was elected Grand President and Beatrice Morton was elected Secretary. In 1939 Elsie Austin became the eighth Grand President and Reber S. Cann, who helped establish the National Headquarters in Washington, D.C. served as national Secretary from 1944-1952, and National First Vice President from 1951-1954.


Local Chapter Presidents

Eva Watson Henry 1959-1961

Florence Heater Wesley 1961-1963

Marquita McAlarty McLean 1963-1965

Ruth Cann 1965-1966

Dorothy Moreland 1966-1968

Gladys McClure Tillotson 1968-1970

Barbara Perkins 1970-1972

Armenia Glaspie Williams 1972-1974

Ruth Wilkinson Johnson 1974-1976

Lottie Enoch Walters 1976-1978

Minnie Leach Milton 1978-1980

Nancy Whitaker Moody 1980-1982

Allison Bush 1982-1984

Melba Caldwell Morgan 1984-1986

Margaret Patterson Horton 1986-1988

Sybil McDowell 1988-1990

Laura K. Murray 1990-1992

Cheryl Yolunda Hudson 1992-1995

Cammie Combs-Montgomery 1995-1997

H. Michelle Toney 1997-1999

Trina F. Madry 1999-2001

Millicent Y. (Mimi) Mickle 2001-2003

Antoinette M. Ward 2003-2006

Veronica L. Chapman 2006-2009

Tina A. Welch 2009-2013

Danelle Carter 2013-2017

Shawnda DeRamus 2017-2021

Ligaya P. West 2021-2023

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